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About the Authors:
Philip Bryce
Phillip is originally from England. Until 2003, he worked as a
software engineer in Silicon Valley, California, fighting the
traffic and slaving long hours to pay a mortgage, all the
while dreaming of a life in paradise. After visiting Thailand a
of times and falling in love with the country (and the girls)
he decided to move to Thailand.
Phillip writes books and supports on-line customers of
TabTrax, a drum music teaching program that he created.
He is his own boss and lives the life he loves in Thailand.
He has a beautiful house on the island of Koh Pha-Ngan
overlooking the sea, a lovely Thai wife, and a steady
income from his freelance work.
Sunisa Wongdee Terlecky
Sunisa left Thailand when she was 22 to continue her
studies overseas. She has done extensive research on
Thailand and given lectures to foreigners on the Thai
language and culture. She has always been interested
in early retirement. She is an avid traveler, scrabble
player and accomplished Latin dancer. She now
resides with her husband, in San Francisco, California
and Bangkok, Thailand. Sunisa enjoys living as an
early semi-retiree and a part-time writer.
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